Mama Gloria (2020)

  • Biography, Documentary, History
  • 1h 16m

This film will be available March 1st - 14th

Meet Mama Gloria. Chicago’s Black transgender icon Gloria Allen, now in her 70s, blazed a trail for trans people like few others before her. Emerging from Chicago’s South Side drag ball culture in the 1960s, Gloria overcame traumatic violence to become a proud leader in her community. Most famously, she pioneered a charm school for young transgender people that served as inspiration for the hit play Charm. Luchina Fisher’s empathic and engaging documentary is not only a portrait of a groundbreaking legend, but also a celebration of unconditional love, the love Gloria received from her own mother and that she now gives to her chosen children. And it is driven by the love the director has for her teenage transgender daughter.

New York Premiere

This film has closed captions available. Please manually turn on closed captions using the “CC” logo at the bottom of the player screen when you play the title.


Luchina Fisher


Zainab Ali


Luchina Fisher


Yvonne Welbon


Stephen J. Lewis

Executive Producer

Leslie Fields-Cruz




United States

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