Come As You Are Shorts Program

  • Short, Documentary, Avant-Garde, Music, Teen, Drama
  • 7 Short Films

This program will be available for viewing March 1st - 31st

Women, femmes, and trans and non-binary folks are constantly being told how they should look, how they should act and how they should live. For years feminist and queer movements have been breaking down those expectations while also reclaiming things that were once seen as restrictive and stereotypical but now they’re powerful but are these things reclaimed or are we just perpetuating old stereotypes OR is it now such a stereotype that the mere act of embodying it makes it subversive? It is so confusing! In this section we throw all of that out the window and celebrate just being who you are, whatever that means to you. Whether that’s wearing makeup or not, wearing your natural hair or not, shaving or not. It’s all good here as long as it’s what you want! Come as you are.

Short Films

1-800 Lovable - Directed by Rebeca Huntt

Are you a single black woman yearning to be loved and desired? 1800 - Lovable provides the je nais se quoi that makes dreams come true, in this satirical short film shot on 16mm.

Nancy's Workshop - Directed by Aïcha Diop

Once a month Nancy Falaise closes the doors of her hair salon to lead a workshop for young Black girls eager to learn how to care for their natural hair. Step-by-step, she teaches them how to wash, detangle, style and care for their respective hair textures, all while they bond over shared experiences and forge meaningful new friendships.

toni_with_an_i - Directed by Marco Alessi

Toni, 13, is a frizzy-haired, technicolour goofball who just can’t seem to find her people, especially at school. One day, after her situation takes a dive, the internet unexpectedly comes to save her.

Oleander - Directed by Kate Hackett

OLEANDER, 17, is the star and sole creator of her own provocative, sex-positive YouTube channel. She is also an unwilling student at a Christian abstinence program, led by the poised and charismatic ALISSA. When Alissa demands that Oleander issue an on-camera apology for mocking her abstinence program online, a fierce battle of wills ensues. Alissa is aided by KIM, a filmmaker-for-hire who has no allegiance other than to serve her client. Oleander fights for her voice and her beliefs, but will her anti slut-shaming message be able to stand up under pressure?

New York Premiere

Playback - Directed by Agustina Comedi

In Córdoba, far away from Argentina’s capital city, the end of a military regime promises a spring that doesn’t last long. “La Delpi” is the only survivor from a group of transgender women and drag queens, who began to die of AIDS in the late 80’s. In a catholic and conservative city, the Kalas Group made their weapons and trenches out of improvised dresses and playbacks. Today the images of a unique and unknown footage are not only a farewell letter, but also a friendship manifesto.

The Paint Wizzard - Directed by Jessie Auritt & Jessica Wolfson

Millicent “Millie” McCrory, also known as “The Paint Wizzard” around Austin, TX, is an accomplished house painter who works in a miniskirt, crop top and signature cat ear headband. Born and raised as Michael in a conservative Morman household, she never felt that she could be her true self. A few years ago, at the age of 58, she gained the courage to change her name to Millie and adopt female pronouns. While she identifies as transgender, Millie still struggles with her own ideas of gender and social norms. The film follows Millie in her daily life, as she wrestles with questions of identity and acceptance, painting a hopeful, poignant and honest portrait.

New York Premiere

Cindy - Directed by Rosanagh Griffiths

Cindy’s first time performing in drag might be camp and outrageous, but it isn’t exactly a success.

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