Discovery: Student Shorts Program

  • Documentary, Sport
  • 4 Short Films

This program will be available for viewing March 1st - 31st

Fall in love with new voices. Celebrate the inspiring new works of first time and student filmmakers as they discover and unlock their creativity, and support a filmmaker on the brink of success with our second annual Breakthrough Award. It has been a difficult year for filmmakers with theater closures and production halts — among those hit hardest are emerging filmmakers. But as you’ll see here, emerging filmmakers are resilient and the future of the industry is bright.

Short Films

Pam - Directed by Amit Lerner

Pam, a 73-year-old retired NYC teacher, defies stereotypes of growing older as she prepares for her annual tap, ballet and jazz recital.

Hallowed Ground - Directed by Catherine Rafferty

Hallowed Ground is a short documentary about two Rochester student orators, Tian Stephens and Anastajia Charley, learning the words of Frederick Douglass as they navigate issues of racism that shaped Douglass’s life and work. The story is told through the students’ participation in a national oratorical contest while exploring their different educational experience. Seeing today’s students giving voice to yesterday’s words draws attention to how the contemporary United States is still engaging many of the same issues Douglass was fighting against.

Yellow Cards for Equal Pay - Directed by Maia Vota

Members of the Burlington High School girls soccer team recount the launch of their viral #EqualPay movement, inspired by Megan Rapinoe and the U.S. women’s national soccer team, from its humble beginnings to national media coverage.

New York Premiere

Chick Flicks - Directed by Tatiana Jorio

Chick Flicks is a short documentary that explores the experience of women-identifying film students as they navigate a very white male dominated industry, the me-too movement, racism, industry sexism and a film school that perpetuates it all. The Film follows film students, but it also follows Industry professionals navigating the male- dominated industry. Including interviews from: Netflix show runner Kathryn O’Kane, Award winning filmmaker Lynne Sachs, New York Women in Film & Television Community Engagement Director Katie Chambers, and more.