Nothing About Us Without Us Shorts Program

  • Drama, Comedy, Romance, Documentary, Biography, Family
  • 7 Short Films

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This program will be available for viewing March 1st - 31st

This rallying cry, which began in the disability rights movements in South Africa in 1993, has since been applied to multiple movements and causes. In the film community, it has been picked up as a way to discuss authorship. Too often we see new voices represented on screen but not behind the scenes. In this program, we dive into representation. Who is at the center of the story? Who is telling the story? These films examine, celebrate, and dissect representation and visibility as it appears in everyday life and in wider communities. In these times of great change, we must keep this rallying cry ringing in our heads. We must keep asking, who is this change serving and who is leading?

Short Films

Ava & Bianca - Directed by Rachel Fleit

_Ava & Bianca _ is a short documentary film that explores the profound relationship between Ava Benjamin Schorr and Bianca Cline who are both transgender female cinematographers. The film explores who they are beyond their trans identity, what it means to be a female cinematographer and last but certainly not least, what it means to be a woman in this moment in time.

Single - Directed by Ashley Eakin

A girl born with one arm gets set-up on a blind date with a guy who has one hand…and she is pissed.

La Indefinible - Directed by Agustina Biasutto

There are 33 countries in Latin America, each with a tremendous amount of different cities and cultures. Somehow, all of these cultures constantly get condensed into a single series of broad generalizations and assumptions. The ideas surrounding the Latina woman are no different. _La Indefinible _is based off of recorded conversations with Latinas, from different countries and backgrounds, about how being a latin woman has shaped their life. The project aims to show how there are many different cultures, appearances, personalities, customs etc. that make up Latin women.

World Premiere

Material Bodies - Directed by Dorothy Allen-Pickard

Through interweaving dance and dialogue, Material Bodies is a sensual and cinematic look at the relationship between amputees and their limbs. This visceral and colourful short film explores how a prosthetic leg can be more like a piece of jewellery, a dance companion, or a part of you.

US Premiere

Borderless (Bedone marz) - Directed by Behrad Sahebgharani

The story is about a teenage girl named Delaram who has Down syndrome, and because of the genetic disorder that has caused her particular appearance and limited verbal expression normal children and society think of her as mentally retarded. Delaram wants their judgments that, in her view, have created a border between them, to be removed.

êmîcêtôcêt (Many Bloodlines) - Directed by Theola Ross

The film is a dual protagonist, character-driven story in which two women are on a path towards having a child together through the fertility treatment process. The central concept for the story is exploring how this couple will experience and explore building their own family while maneuvering through their difference in race, culture, class and gender roles.

Chick Flicks - Directed by Tatiana Jorio

Chick Flicks is a short documentary that explores the experience of women-identifying film students as they navigate a very white male dominated industry, the me-too movement, racism, industry sexism and a film school that perpetuates it all. The Film follows film students, but it also follows Industry professionals navigating the male- dominated industry. Including interviews from: Netflix show runner Kathryn O’Kane, Award winning filmmaker Lynne Sachs, New York Women in Film & Television Community Engagement Director Katie Chambers, and more.